Marketing Yourself  

Apart from chasing each and every job opportunity, marketing yourself requires competence in two principal areas; CV Writing and Interview Technique.

In essence, your CV or résumé is your shop window – It is an advertisement for the individual and, like any advert, it must make an immediate impact.

The interview is essentially a sales presentation and, like any other sales presentation, it needs to be thoroughly prepared and rehearsed.

Guide to Job Hunting and Marketing Yourself

It also helps to form a clear idea of what you are looking for in both job content and salary – Employers tend to be impressed by people who demonstrate a firm sense of direction.


  Employment Agencies

It’s an old cliché but nevertheless true that “many of the best jobs are never advertised” – Most jobs, particularly contracts, tend to be available through employment agencies.

There are over 400 IT agencies in the UK so it is probably worth registering with a few of those rather than the more general employment agencies.

By law, registering with an employment agency is free and they cannot charge for the service of finding you a new job though other services such as career counselling may be charged for.

Main precaution is to keep control over your CV – Don’t let them re-write it without your editorial approval and don’t let them submit it to clients without permission.


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  Job Advertisements

Most IT jobs can be found in the trade press which tend to be ‘controlled circulation’ magazines available free to individuals working within the IT field.

There were several magazines aimed specifically at contractors though these have unfortunately ceased publication.

Most national papers have promoted IT Job sections at one time or another though the ‘heavies’, like the Sunday Times and Daily Telegraph, are mainly useful for high-level jobs.

From the advertiser’s point of view, local papers tend to work well in areas with a strong local identity


  Internet Job Services

There are an increasing number of Web-based job services which generally work as follows.

You can search the web sites for specific jobs and then apply directly to the agency or employer – These sites tend to work primarily with agencies.

You can register your CV with the web site in which case it will be available to any agency subscribing to the service – Giving rise to a potential loss of control over it’s distribution.

You can also register for daily email  notification of jobs meeting your criteria, without submitting your CV,



Ronnie Resume


Ronnie Résumé says:

Don't lose a job because the agency or employer couldn't get hold of you.

Keeping in touch is an important part of marketing so at least ensure that they have some means of leaving a message.


  Personality Profiling

Online personality testing can help you decide on the career that suits you and prepare for interviews.

See first link below for details.



Computing and Computer Weekly are the main trade magazines available FREE to individuals working within the IT industry., Jobsite and Jobserve can send you a daily e-mail list of job vacancies matching your skills. As a separate service, they can distribute your CV to hundreds of subscribing agencies.


TipTopJob is a generic jobsite that covers over 35 industry sectors. Search and apply for jobs online is the leading UK recruitment website for academic and associated communities, covering all areas of employment including information technology. is an internet job service covering the global oil and gas industry.


Earthworks is the world leading on-line database of career opportunities for geocomputing and other 'earth sciences' professionals with particular focus on the Oil & Gas sector.


Agency Central carries candidate CVs, Agency details and lots of useful recruitment links across many market sectors. are not a job service as such but they carry links to an extensive list of recruitment resources. was formed to offer a unique reference point on guidance on returning to part time or full time work.

If you've had a period of absence from work for whatever reason then you'll find advice on getting back to work, finding new work or settling in to a new job here.


Global Visas are specialists in assisting with visa/work permit applications and have a reputation for getting the job done quickly.

  PeopleMaps Personality Profiler - UK-based company offering on-line personality tests - These are being increasingly used as part of the recruitment process so it is just as well to be prepared for them.

Eurofile also provide a telephone and on-site PC support service aimed at small businesses and individuals - Details on:


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