CV Content - Meaningful Summary   


The most important single item on your CV or resume is a brief statement describing the 'essence' of what you are about.

This should appear prominently on the first page and somewhere near the top.

Aim for a maximum 10 seconds reading time which is about 50 words.


Resume & CV Summary




A Visual Basic Analyst/Programmer with 3 years' experience of developing 'investment management' applications.

I am looking for increased involvement in the area of systems design with future progression into a team management role.

I prefer to work in the City of London and envisage a salary of around 30,000.


A concise statement of what the candidate has to offer and what they are looking for.

From this information, the employer can easily decide whether to consider the CV further.



A strongly self-motivated, confident, dynamic, energetic, focussed and practical problem-solver.

An effective team-player with excellent communications skills.

I am looking for a challenging position in which I can achieve my personal and professional goals in a positive and forward-looking environment.


Completely fails to tell us what the person does or what they want.

Basically a combination of waffle, psychobabble and opinion rather than fact.

We are always tempted to add "If I do say so myself" to these kind of statements



About 90% of all CVs seem to contain a random arrangement of the following concepts and positive words:

committed, self-motivated, ambitious, dynamic, dedicated, energetic, creative, initiative, hard-working, team-player, effective-communicator, work-well-under-pressure, goals, success, strengths, leadership, management, achievement, results, effective-solutions.

Funny thing is that you rarely meet anybody who lives up to these attributes.

Have yet to see a CV with a more-realistic statement such as:

"I set low targets and consistently fail to achieve them"


Checklist of CV / Resume Detail

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